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How Can I Tell If I’m Really In Love (With Jason Bateman)?


Well the word is (and has been) out, Juno is up for 4 Oscar nominations.

That I’m even repeating it is almost a waste of fonts because you and everyone else (anyone who watches TV, or glances at magazines) already knows that right?

You’ve also already read your own fill of reviews and opinions and so on about it, so don’t worry about this being one of those posts either.

Actually, I don’t think I could write one if I even tried because I don’t remember the film. I saw it, I didn’t really care for it, and I’m pretty meh about the whole thing. I couldn’t even think of the stuff that didn’t do it for me when I saw it…bleh.

What I have noticed however is the amount of love and praise that’s going around about Jason Bateman.

You’re reading this and probably thinking, “Oh I loved him since, ” Arrested Development”!

If you’re an even bigger ***k, you’re saying to yourself (to prove your even harder pop culture knowing self, “Derek was the MAN on Silver Spoons!”

If you’re an even BIGGER of BIG ***ks, you’re quoting stuff from “It’s Your Move“. (But can you quote from an episode that ISN’T “The Dregs of Humanity”?)

How do I know this? Call me,”King D**k. “

And, I think I like Mr. Jason Bateman quite a bit.


My feelings aside, how can I really tell? Or what’s more, how can you tell?

However you feel about Jason Batemen these days (You might even be of the party that is my BF and think, “Why are people even uttering the words Jason Batemen again?), before you decide which way you go Pro Bate or Anti Bate…

You might want to consider some of his other accomplishments (embarrassments) before you answer my questions.

Teen Wolf 2

How Can I Tell If I’m Really In Love?

(Because in the 80s we had Sam Malone to lead us on the right path)

“You’ve never played video games until you’ve played with the video game prince”

Out of the three, the last one probably disturbed me the most and I’m not sure why.

Because the Nintendo “computer” got a virus? Because Mr. Belvedere was called Mr. Belvedere, or because it’s frickin Mario Bros on ice! Aye…

I’ve said what I’m going to say for now. Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to swoon over taped episodes of “Valerie”

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An Interview with WINSTON’S DAD!!!

An Interview with WINSTON’S DAD!!!


In order to succeed in the world of blogging, you need a few things:

(Well, if you want to succeed in getting The NERD of HER! to read and love your blog that is)

You’re going to need: An eye/brain for posting, an awesome cat(Winston, have we told you how much we love you today?) and it doesn’t hurt to be a really attractive gay man.

Could a cat be like it’s human, or could a human be like it’s cat? That’s not a question asked on Gridskipper, but it is one we were left pondering.

We know Winston is always hungry (a good way to get his attention is to drop some food), but I wonder if Rich is going to be sent food from certain admirers (now that we know what he likes to eat).

Read More HERE.

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Hump Day+ YouTube=Sexy Fun Time YouTubery

Hump Day Camel

Apparently Wednesday is also called “hump day,” (or atleast that’s what my BF calls it for reasons he deems “poetic.”).

According to one of the definitions on the Urban Dictionary (The one that most resembles the definition my BF mumbled):

Hump Day is, “The absolute BEST day of the week, the day of maximum hope that maybe, you might make it out of this week alive. A particularly good hump day can last you the rest of the week, and by Doomday morning (Monday) you survive by anticipating hump day. Nothing goes wrong on hump day…” 3

That is until The NERD Of Her! decided it would be the perfect day for YouTube Videos to keep that hump day Mojo up and kicking.

That’s how it just goes here, always with the give give giving. 🙂

Without much ado, please enjoy these sizzlin’ HOT goodies (if you already haven’t somewhere else).

Video 1. A little Russion spirit never hurt anyone right?

Video 2. I think the only reason this guy isn’t working or dating is because he doesn’t wanna miss Madonna’s or Ed McMahon phone call, but that’s just one theory.

Video 3. Lastly, but certainly not leastly…a man that needs no introduction because he is sex musk incarnate.

But wait, he has more. Judging by the production value, I’d say someone got into the money…

*The Bonus*

If this didn’t make your week, well I just don’t know what kind of week you’re having.

The NERD of Her! is not responsible for any sudden cause of seizure, heartache, trauma or induced labor as a result of viewing any expressed opinions and or media presented in this blog. If you do however enjoy this kind of thing, well then uh “you’re welcome.”

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The View of Levine

The View

Okay, we get it, Adam Levin is good looking.

It’s a good look he has going too: A sort of if Ralph Fiennes (Of Schindler’s List) and Digger Mole (Shirt Tales) had a baby kind of look.


So that said, YES, he’s a handsome man, alright…but, and I’m looking at you “The View” (maybe the name is really saying it), are your camera’s and set design programmed to specifically show only Adam Levin?

For a minute there, I thought the guy had gone solo.

If I didn’t know the song being preformed was a Maroon 5 song(and I’m shocked I recognized it considering I never give Maroon 5 much mind) then I would have stuck around longer for the interview, where they’d compare notes and how well Justin Timberlake did after his own break out (Or I dunno, maybe Levine even taking a punch at Hasselbeck, wow wouldn’t that be something?)

I don’t have stills or video of the program today, but if you saw it you know what I mean.

I even tried to do a little Google hunting. But when I did:

google suggestions levine

So yeah, even Google hates the band I guess.

But back to observations on The View, you know, even when they DID show the guitar player, it was like a canopy of hair strumming. I guess he’s so used to not being on camera he doesn’t even consider slicking his hair back anymore.

The bass player? The drummer? Who know’s who they, but I guess they were there too.

[Here’s where more stills or video of The View’s performance would be if i had any. It’s too bad too cause you’d see a set design that even catered to framing Levine’s face, profile, body, etc. Oh well, here are some bits I found elsewhere.]

Levine Focus 1

more levin

I kind of feel bad for the band. That is if i knew they weren’t going home to super model GFs and piles of cash.

Sure he sings he wont go home without you, but he’ll totally be on screen without you.

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