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Are You Faking IT?

He just makes this face.

Believe it or not, sometimes I have a thought or a feeling that isn’t set on HTML stone. It’s crazy, but sometimes these things will just happen and I’m nowhere near a computer.

In such situations, I find myself having to rely on my own physicality and essence (as opposed to say a “presence”<–Jaikuspeak) to act on said ideas or feelings, and express myself.

Like some kind of wild beast, I will often wander around unhinged (to anything USB), devoid of anything reacting to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal, it’s a strange thing to imagine for you I’m sure, but it happens.

It’s then that I’m exposed, unshielded by fonts or emoticons. In those moments, if I think something is terrible, I lower my thumb and say, “boo,” if something is sad, I lower my head in sorrow and sometimes shed salty droplets of water from my eyes, most of all, if something is funny I actually Laugh Out Loud.

[Those moments however are not the kind that matter right now. Obviously, I mean, hello I’m blogging right now right?]

That bare bones honesty, that kind of raw emotion–can it or rather is it really conveyed on chat?

Are you everything you IM?

IM NerdChats

Last night you told me you were, “ROTFLMAO!”


Sure, sometimes I say something profound and silly, Zeus gives me those little moments, but was it really that much?

Looking at the screen now (amid this blog session), and playing that conversation back in my head now…

I don’t know if I can really picture you rolling on the floor…At least in a way that allows you to maintain a streak of perfect typing and hyper linking…I dunno.

How do you manage such a feat and not suffer some kind of electronic fiasco?

Maybe I’m being insecure, maybe I’m not supposed to know, I can accept you not wanting to tell me about that.

But okay, how about this:

Are your LOL’s real?

The figures say something else.

Untrue Blue graph

Maybe I’m fine with the lie, but the National Acronym Monitoring Board of Linguistic Anomalies or NAMBLA (Worst acronym EVER) isn’t. They’re calling you and your mother faking LOLinators out on your bluff.

“False Lolling” is a class G felony punishable by permanent IP banning and in rare cases death by pwnage.”

Now I wonder if I began to doubt on my chat partners before or after visiting

I’m pretty sure I’ve been guilty of giving an unnecessary LOL…I admit it alright. But what’s wrong with charity sometimes? It’s called being nice..sometimes you just wanna get some sleep. C’mon!


Busting the phonies and rehabilitating some of the LOLfeigners…it’s going to be a long and tough process that I have no acronyms for.

Oh well, you can read about their efforts and perhaps participate in their cause HERE.

I don’t know if any of you are Laughing On the Inside , but for the meantime, I’ll be wearing black on the outside ’cause black is how I feel on the inside.

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