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Happy Birthday!

Time sure goes by fast when you’re living Chibbi.

Even then, the kid new how to swing.
Even then, the kid new how to swing.

Wow, it feels like it was only a few short hours ago that this little piñata hitting youngster was sending me some text messages….wait, she was!

I hope you’re all flooding her technology right now too–and if you haven’t get to it now–it’s the Chibbi’s BIRTHDAY!

Do like the piñata photo tells ya:  Hit up her phone, hit up her blog, hit up her flickr, hit up her space (yeah Myspace ),hit up her face (That’s Facebook dummies), hit up her Jaiku, twitter, Brightkite, Plurk…eh whateveer other place you know she’s into and she’s in lots.

Not only does that mean, that we’re blessed with another year of knowing the kid, maybe partaking in some of her cake, and festivities, but it also means the kickoff of Chibbimonth.

A month long of cheer, a month of happy spirits and a month of just good times and adventure.

Chibbi, here’s hoping your socks are always merry, that your step is always way ahead of the crowd and that you keep on being that awesome kid you always are.

Happy Birthday.  Keep on swinging kiddo.

Hugs and besos,

Your friends and Nerds at The NERD of Her!

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Bird Flu has nothing on this Chicken Fever

I clucking dare you not to get down with this techno funky chicken!

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Worst Spam EVER

That know shouldn\'t, but you probably will anyway...*sigh*
Yep, it’s THAT kinda email…you know shouldn’t click it, but you probably will anyway (sigh)

Actually, you should click on the “click,” because it’s a really cool short film.

If there ever were a case where art imitating life however…

There but for the grace of god…

Good weekend people.

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Who Knew Censorship had a sense of humor?

A sense of humor, a sense of style…a sense of good times?!!

You can’t hate on a block for too long if itplays pong, does meat spins and can kick a person in the bread basket  can you?

Yes censorship apparently has it’s purpose…Were it not for censorship we might all be pinko red commies right now too, check it out:

Hahaha, yeah they got your number too McAllen, Texas!!!


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Tumblr wants your soul

Tumblr is a tool of the devil. It’s sole purpose it to steal your soul.

Marco Amet created an alogrithim that, and these are his words,

“actually draws a little bit of blood from your mouse finger and without the user knowing, signing a contract that basically commits your soul to the dark lord…”

And there you have it.

Tumblr, cool tool and fun microblogging site that wields evil and terrible powers.

We wouldn’t post it if it weren’t true (or at least kinda odd and funny, because oddness, nerdliness and that is funny feeling definately surpasses facts–that’s a fact!)

We practice reblogging, hello we yanked this from le bunny’s:

Tumblr: Another evil microblogging platform for babies and a-holes

Now we’re off to continue feeding the master…hope to see you there too.

Let’s follow each other, yeah?


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Poppin’ Mobiles


Well science and all that is holy has something else to deal with now.

Put a couple of mobile phones together, throw in some kernals, make a call and presto–Poppin’ Fresh!

I guess the ghost of Orville Redenbacker lives inside your cell phone. Every call you make is sending his powers from the grave.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s the Japanese YouTube Proof:

I really hope this is fake because not only did I harvest my brain from a field, but I don’t want to make the microwave jealous.

I really ought to only have one device give me the worst possible case of cancer AT A TIME. And the cancers are already assigned to places.

The micro gives it to my food, thus sending it to my guts, and my phone handles the head region.

This new viral campaign or possible health concern the FDA really needs to look into is messing up the entire scope of things.

Anyway there are 3 more vids of it to either show the global impact it is having OR to scare up more viralness…

Le French have huge popcorn:

[Via Greg Goodwin]

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Sugar Bush Squirrel

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.

Behold, Sugar Bush Squirrel


It is truly something to be in AWE and AWW of.

Here. Grab your nuts and GO.

Fly you fool!!!

(via Cute Overload)

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