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Blox, we can build with them right?

It’s been a while since we’ve last posted, but it’s not for a lack of trying.

Okay, maybe we’re not trying hard enough.

Drop us a line and let’s see if we can’t get back into business.  Thanks.

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The Sad Man’s Kama Sutra

The Sad Man's Kama Sutra

Wondeful, no?

Bless you Monstro.

(via Monstro-Draw!)

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Cat Scratch Fever

Cat Scratch fever…we haz it.

But there are other trees we can bark up at to prove it.

Check out the Dog Beatbox HERE.

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Hanging ten on 9 lives

I have a hard enough time getting a cat to even acknowledge my existence, I don’t know how this guy got his cat to even go near a surfboard.

I wonder if the cat from the Pepe Le Pew cartoons looks at this, and thinks maybe it didn’t have it so bad.

Poor Nicolasa (the kitty)

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Packing up my bags…

Less than 2 weeks into my co-authoring job here at The Nerd of Her facilities and I am already taking a week-long vacation! WOO! (Does a silly dance.)

The Boss has agreed to the time off.  I am still waiting for my first paycheck to clear.  Correlation? AHEM!


As I enjoy my time off at some beach or whatever Manila has to offer, I am more than sure that The Nerd of Her presses will be churning out some great reading material for you to scour.

Crikey..I am thinking will the Chibbi even missed?

Don’t hesitate! Don’t run off to shed a tear or two! I will be back!

So I dare say: Ciao! Adios! Check you later! I’m outie! Peace!


Chibbigirl (You may follow my travels here—->CHIBBIKU)

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An Interview with WINSTON’S DAD!!!

An Interview with WINSTON’S DAD!!!


In order to succeed in the world of blogging, you need a few things:

(Well, if you want to succeed in getting The NERD of HER! to read and love your blog that is)

You’re going to need: An eye/brain for posting, an awesome cat(Winston, have we told you how much we love you today?) and it doesn’t hurt to be a really attractive gay man.

Could a cat be like it’s human, or could a human be like it’s cat? That’s not a question asked on Gridskipper, but it is one we were left pondering.

We know Winston is always hungry (a good way to get his attention is to drop some food), but I wonder if Rich is going to be sent food from certain admirers (now that we know what he likes to eat).

Read More HERE.

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Cat for Hire

Employ the kitty

Just when I thought getting paid to test ice cream was a cool job, a guy calling himself “The cat man” has to go and up one me.

What’s he applying for?

He wants to be your cat.

“I promise to sit around the house all day doing nothing, catch naps, maybe watch some TV. I will NOT do any work whatsoever, nor will I pick up the phone. “

If you’re in the market for a giant fur-less tax evading cat, or you just wanna look at the kind of skills it takes to be a cat, check out his resume here.

[link via Miss Cellania]

No cat could be reached for a comment at the moment, most of them are busy power napping and being completely oblivious.

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