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Movies are Moving yours and Mind

Sally Y Harry

It’s interesting that I’d find something like THIS considering that I was talking about something like that already.

The internet! Acck, it’s like got powers or something right?!!

Sure, the article mentioned up there reads more like a snippet. A quickie about how Americans are more comfortable assessing judgments on objects vs. East Asians and how they better judges of relationships.

I think that’s what they were going for…Not so much about bad movies making for bad daters, right?

Well MY idea was less about judging objects/judging films or East Asians and more about how there are a good number of movies that probably shaped the person I am today.

Film in the head

I was an impressionable youth. I still am.

Just right off the bat, the movies that come to mind are (in no particular oder)

Annie Hall

Urban Cowboy

The Goonies

Logan’s Run


The Last Star Fighter


So let’s get this. Just looking at this list, you’re thinking I’m a neurotic Texan set on finding treasure all the while avoiding eating after midnight in case I have to save the planet via my joystick all the while maintaining a number of hair appointments. Close?


Not entirely, but we’re getting there.

Alright, let’s get this show started shall we?

The Goonies:

Ah, My feel good movie. My dream scenario (And yes, it does include “The Truffle Shuffle”)

What’s not to enjoy about this straight out of the 80’s classic.

Corey wasn’t crying over vegatables and Josh Brolin was sizzlin’ (We’ll refer to this boy hotness in another segment, I promise.)

To this day I can’t pass an empty cabin, or box of Rocky Road without some brief Goonie imagery. “That’s what I said!”

I remember wishing, shoot, I still wish I could go on an adventure that results in me making friends with a guy named “Sloth” and a bag full of treasure. Most of all, I want a group of friends that’ll go on that said adventure to save my house from being torn down.

How many of your friends will take up with a goon, fight off ex cons, find pirate booty and then let you use it?

Uh huh.

The Goonies were also the “uncool” kids(Hello Blog title plug!), and they were a good bunch of kids.

I can only hope to be a Goonie some day…

Huddled below the surface calling out through a well for a bucket and still making wishes…

Makes me think of a really good saying that goes:

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Goonies R’ Good Enough for EVERYTHING!

Logan’s Run:

Yeah pretty self explanatory, no? I feel safe in saying that anyone who’s viewed the film blows their birthday candles and wonders when their palm will light up.

I remember catching this little gem on the television at a very young age. An age when you still think everything your parents say is true and 30 is light light years away.

You watch it for kicks again in your teens (Again, probably on cable) and mostly you wonder why the guy from Austin Powers (Basil) would have been considered a leading man.

Lately I see it in the bargin bin at Best Buy and keep walking.

I’m not a “Runner” yet!

Actually we’ll get to it on our next installment.

Yeah this one is going to be continued ya’ll.

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