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Winona Ryder doesn’t know who You Are

Not to be a total dick or anything (not that I’ve never not one been one before), BUT Winona Ryder (if it’s really her), is on the Twitter, and she doesn’t know how to use “you’re.”


I don’t know why this kind of thing bothers me, but it does.

It’s probably my own hang up and I should get over it, but aye….

Anyhow, I showed this to my bf, and he was all, “She didn’t go to school babe, leave her alone.”

But…but she was in Beetlejuice.

If that’s not enough education, I don’t know what is.
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Follow the Real Winona Ryder

This post was basically yanked from the pages of my tumblr…sigh.

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It’s Boten frickin’ time!

Weeks ago if you had simply sent me an email with the subject: BassHunter

I would have probably first thought of this:


I’d be really stoked about it too, because if there ever were an activity in video game form I loved more is that of fishing up some sweet bass. Yeah, that’s how cool I am.

If I paid even little attention to the content followed by the subject of said hypothetical e-mail, and then ran across words like: “Music,” or “sounds like…”

My brain would have probably conjured up something that looked more like this:


(It has to be Sting too, because 1) I couldn’t find a picture of Ted Nudgent holding a Bass. and 2) Yes, Ted hunts, but his ax of choice is for Cat Scratchin’ Fever)

Okay, enough don’t make fun of my illiteracy or mispronunciations…if anything it’s just more proof of my ungeek/un nerdliness.
Cool and popular people make up all kinds of words all the time.

Imagination is all part of the cool artistic mind, so yeah, these are the things I’d have to imagine because the concept of a Scandinavian cyber-geek composing a song about meeting a girl on the internet is beyond my realm of comprehension.

The idea of chat rooms, robots, Swedish music (outselling the likes of Abba) is absolutely foreign to me.

I’ve never lost an hour or so on, I mean I’ve never even heard of Ventrilo…pfft whatever it is.


I’m saving us all the trouble of going to that level of thinking by posting the BassHunter videos.

I have to, because you like me probably have no clue about these kinds of things either, right?


Defence of the Ancients, er what?

DotA? :

Yep, I’m so cool it took us this long to post about a song that made the Eurodance charts in 2006. We’re not a blog preoccupied with the times. 😉

Well I got cool stuff to get to.




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Good Googley Goo!


Have you ever wondered how many people work for the Google?


Well for those of you who have, it supposedly looks a little something like THIS.


If we had the kind of numbers (employees) Google has, this blog would probably run a little smoother and have a lot more to offer. Oh well we do what we can right?

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How Can I Tell If I’m Really In Love (With Jason Bateman)?


Well the word is (and has been) out, Juno is up for 4 Oscar nominations.

That I’m even repeating it is almost a waste of fonts because you and everyone else (anyone who watches TV, or glances at magazines) already knows that right?

You’ve also already read your own fill of reviews and opinions and so on about it, so don’t worry about this being one of those posts either.

Actually, I don’t think I could write one if I even tried because I don’t remember the film. I saw it, I didn’t really care for it, and I’m pretty meh about the whole thing. I couldn’t even think of the stuff that didn’t do it for me when I saw it…bleh.

What I have noticed however is the amount of love and praise that’s going around about Jason Bateman.

You’re reading this and probably thinking, “Oh I loved him since, ” Arrested Development”!

If you’re an even bigger ***k, you’re saying to yourself (to prove your even harder pop culture knowing self, “Derek was the MAN on Silver Spoons!”

If you’re an even BIGGER of BIG ***ks, you’re quoting stuff from “It’s Your Move“. (But can you quote from an episode that ISN’T “The Dregs of Humanity”?)

How do I know this? Call me,”King D**k. “

And, I think I like Mr. Jason Bateman quite a bit.


My feelings aside, how can I really tell? Or what’s more, how can you tell?

However you feel about Jason Batemen these days (You might even be of the party that is my BF and think, “Why are people even uttering the words Jason Batemen again?), before you decide which way you go Pro Bate or Anti Bate…

You might want to consider some of his other accomplishments (embarrassments) before you answer my questions.

Teen Wolf 2

How Can I Tell If I’m Really In Love?

(Because in the 80s we had Sam Malone to lead us on the right path)

“You’ve never played video games until you’ve played with the video game prince”

Out of the three, the last one probably disturbed me the most and I’m not sure why.

Because the Nintendo “computer” got a virus? Because Mr. Belvedere was called Mr. Belvedere, or because it’s frickin Mario Bros on ice! Aye…

I’ve said what I’m going to say for now. Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to swoon over taped episodes of “Valerie”

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Pen Envy

Some of you may or may not know, but editing and maintaining a blog is hard work.

Ironing it out

Minutes of thinking, scribbling, collecting and so on are needed to keep the hungry beast that is WordPress fed.

You kind of have to do this thankless job with gusto and shamelessness too because the blog doesn’t and will not love you. The blog’s belly doesn’t take into consideration your time, your energy or other extracurricular activities. It just wants more, and more and more.


I tip my hat to all the bloggers out there, who feed the blog and never quit. The bloggers that roll up their sleeves and type into the wee hours in order to get the scoop before anyone else does (which is actually impossible). The blogger than thinks his meme will be the next BIG thing.

Yes, these are the sad bastards, er I mean great people that make your next episode of “Best Week Ever” before it’s even a day old.


Some of these are people who (if they aren’t already making a nice living out of it, or getting dates, publishing deals, or whatever else people use the blogs to get now) don’t mind using up their time (when it could have been used somewhere else), their energy (probably could’ve been spent on those abs they dream, but blog about instead) and a strong will (specifically in mind/concentration).

It’s too easy NOT to blog, so it’d be even easier not to edit one.

Then there’s all kinds of things that a person could be doing instead of blogging. I think we’ve read these kinds of posts already right?

Believe it or not, but after looking over these things, I’m left questioning my own will.


It doesn’t happen all the time, but there are weak moments. They can catch me by surprise, they’ll show up between polo matches, interrupt discussions about Wittgenstein over games of backgammon, sometimes they fill in the voids between my days helping orphans, but worst of all, sometimes they come between me and hilarious commercials.

There not the kind of thoughts I want to have, they are certainly not the kind of ideas you want your editor to harbor, but there I am wondering:

Maybe I shouldn’t be a blogger/and blog editor. DUN DUN DUN!!!

Maybe I’m not doing enough of my part…

But that part–is it something that I can just change? Is it something beyond my means?


Apparently it is out of my hands…specifically when it’s been put into the hands of Internet scientists and physicians.

You may want to sit down for what I’m going to tell you next.

I’ve been (as have the staff of The NERD of HER!) diagnosed with a serious condition called RMS.

I’d tell you about it, but there is a really shiny thing flashing around just feet from here.

Yeah, I’m gonna go check that out. You can check this out and hit me back.

I don’t know if there is a Mac version yet either…oh pen envy.

[link via Milk & Cookies]

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David Lee Roth Runs w/out the Devils

Eddie and Dave

Sometimes I wonder why Van Halen and David Lee Roth fight and hate on each other so much (They reunited and toured all summer and are supposedly kicking off another leg this year)… They’re might be news of them doing stuff, but I’m sure none of it is without drama…

Why the drama/battle guys? Why?

And then I remember, Oh Yeah cause you guys are f***ing nuts!

I don’t have the time to cover every detail and argument about their Insanity/ego/CRAZY that makes Van Halen.

We all know it’s magnitude is the kind of stuff that would even make (the late and great) Rick James take a slight step back.

Rick James

The drugs, the egos, the violence;Van Halen is the band embodiment of every relationship don’t as professed by Dr. Phil, Oprah and Cosmo issue combined.  I’d go as far as saying, that it is probably the unhealthiest rock relationships of this century (Britney doesn’t even come close).

You’re reading this and thinking, “Oh Nerdo, they did go their own way. They went on to have successful musical careers without each other.”

Van Halen had a number of singers and Diamond Dave managed to shine on in his own way too.

Diamond Dave Crowd

But what if things hadn’t gone that way? What if Dave had decided to completely remove himself from Van Halen?

Isolate his vocal talents?

What would life be like were there no “BROWN SOUND”?

Have you ever wondered what the Roth Sound is?

Is that an even scarier thought?

To really have a grasp on this thought, we’re going to have to listen to Van Halen and Dave (Mano a Mano).

Like true scientist, we’ll use the powers of YouTube uploaded videos.  First, the band in it’s entirety and then The Roth on his own.

Van Halen’s “Running with the Devil”

Take a moment.  Let the Rock wash over.


And now Mr. David Lee Roth without accompaniment.

He stands before you, completely isolated, nude even (sound wise) with only his madness and extra tight spandex to support and comfort him.

David Lee Roth (Isolated Vocals)

You may have to listen again.  Make sure to pay extra close attention to section that starts at 01:26-01:33. It’s ASTOUNDING. Not only because of the amount of words(speed and made up Roth language) he’s saying, but it even sounds like he’s got several pitches going on simultaneously.

Yep, David Lee Roth is the devil.

There are probably whales and monks somewhere totally freaking out.

I don’t know about you, but i was WOWed. Uh huh.

And yeah it’s okay to laugh too. I did, after I fell out of my chair anyway.

Now, discuss.

[Via Gorillamask]

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Open Your Heart (Ears and blogs)

His and Her Headphones

Ever get the feeling that you’re being watched, or that someone is listening to everything you say?

Us neither, at least we didn’t think any of that was going on down here at The NERD Of Her!, so naturally we were surprised when we heard about this…

[Start of Conversation]

le amigo: Hey, what’s up?

le bunny: Nothing much. Mostly down actually.

le amigo: Oh what’s wrong?

le bunny: Originally I was down about getting splogged.

le amigo: That isn’t code for something medical is it?

le bunny: 🙂 It does make for a good adjective doesn’t it?

le amigo: I’d call Maury Povitch about it in a heartbeat.

le bunny: Go to the google or the wikipedia.

le amigo: Done and lame.

le bunny: Yeah, but such is the life and risks one begs for in this crazy crazy blog world (cue in the Cat Stevens).

Cat Stevens

le amigo: He goes by Yusef now.

le bunny: I know, but if I write that, my blog wont be able to board planes.

le amigo: Oh you’re going to blog or rather feed the splog this conversation?

le bunny: If I don’t, who will ______, WHO WILL?

le amigo: So I shouldn’t mention anything about my taxes or personal state of affairs?

le bunny: That would be quite wise.

le amigo: (silence)

le bunny: (more silence)

le amigo: So…what are you wearing?

le bunny: I thought you’d never ask!

le amigo: That’s how much you know.

Einstein tongue

le bunny: You know what else YOU don’t know?

le amigo: Enlighten me.

le bunny: I still play the song association game.

le amigo: Gah, who doesn’t?

le bunny: Want to see what I came up with today?

le amigo: You’re going to tell me anyway, right?

le bunny: I told you I saw “Control” a few days ago right?

le amigo: No, but I will pretend you did. How was it?

le bunny: I liked it, you should watch it.

le amigo: O.K.

le bunny: I dug up some of my Joy Division CDs.

le amigo: It’s not digging, if your CDs are in alphabetical order (and YOURS ARE).

Lp Kid Rocks

le bunny: Well, for some reason, aside from being in a very Joy Division mood, I’ve been listening to The Honeydrips. Well, the stuff that’s posted free on the site anyway.

le amigo: Never heard of them.

le bunny: Well you are now, cause I’m telling you.

le amigo: Let me get my headphones, BRB.

le bunny: I think other websites have covered them too, but whateves…

le amigo: Okay I’m ready for the listenings.

le bunny: Now, The Honeydrips do not sound anything like Joy Division, but I bring them up because the song that’s got my toe a tapping is called “(Lack of)Love Will Tear Us Apart”

le amigo: Ahhh.

le bunny: I can’t decide what it is about the song I like best. The obvious odes to Joy, or the simplicity of the lyrics and vocals which remind me of a young “True Blue” Madonna (“Open Your Heart”).

le amigo: Gimme gimme.

le bunny: You can have a look and listen HERE.

Honeydrips (Lack of)Love Will Tear Us Apart (featuring Hanna)

le bunny: For whatever reason though, my heart starts to hurt a little and I wanna go awww. Cause it also reminds me a little of “leela’s Homeworld” episode. Doesn’t it sound like the song in it?

Pizzicato Fiv “Baby Love Child”

le amigo: The beat, definitely. The style too, very uh…

le bunny: I couldn’t just leave it there. My game can go on for a while. Just then I remembered this little gem, by a group I was very much into when I was a kiddo (oooh the 90s).

Soho’s “Hippy Chick”

le amigo: Wow!

le bunny: Best use of a Smith’s sample right?

le amigo: And how! Not to mention where this could take your game?

le bunny: Connecting the Smiths and Joy Division?

le amigo: Oohh

le bunny: Ian Curtis did what Morrissey only sang about.

le amigo: Whoa…

le bunny: Definitely another post (Hey I’m a Smiths/Morrissey fan always).

le amigo: Mexican.

[End of conversation]

You have just spied voyueristically participated in on a personal private conversation about blog life, pop culture and an unending game of “Doesn’t this song remind you of this one?”

If you enjoyed this type of post, please let us know and make sure to stay tuned for the next (That is, IF you liked it).

Please enjoy the music that started it all too. Here you go:

Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Madonna “Open Your Heart”

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