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The music you hope you never have to hear

Can you imagine being a music composer and being asked to write a tune that’s going to make people cry?

Photograph belongs to Môsieur J.

Composer David Lang was commissioned to create background music for the most unlikeliest of places–the morgue.

“The Hopital Raymond Poincare in Garches, near Paris, is famous for treating road injury victims. Every year 450 deceased people pass through its morgue, and after 40 years of conducting autopsies and talking to bereaved families, chief pathologist Professor Michel Durigon decided it was time to create a Salle des Departs, a place where families and friends could come to say goodbye to their loved ones without, as he says, “having to suffer sickly background music and a red carpet”. –BBC Radio 4 The Last Goodbye

Jocelyn Gonzalez talked to the composer, you can hear the podcast interview about it HERE.

There’s quite a bit of really good shows on the WNYC Radio Lab site, special thanks hello.onimal
for the heads up.

Not a mourning person :/

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