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The Sad Man’s Kama Sutra

The Sad Man's Kama Sutra

Wondeful, no?

Bless you Monstro.

(via Monstro-Draw!)

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Cat Scratch Fever

Cat Scratch fever…we haz it.

But there are other trees we can bark up at to prove it.

Check out the Dog Beatbox HERE.

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Ruff words


So you fancy yourself quite the smooth talker aye? A polyglot you say? A master of romance languages even?

Maybe you’re just the great communicator. To you, I say, “good boy/girl.”

Hey, having an understanding of everything around us is a great quality to own, and deserves reward,but some of us aren’t quite there yet.

Sadly, some of us can’t even get in a wordinedgewise with the ones nearest and dearest to us…

We find ourselves perhaps giving unwanted belly rubs or Milkbones, sometimes we even find our trashcans tipped over, perhaps as a sign of rebellion or because we left some half eaten sandwiches in there.


Well dogs aren’t the only ones left scratching themselves…I think it’s fair to say we’ve often wondered what our furry friends have to say.

There’s a communication breakdown going around…the mange of our otherwise happy tail wagging existence.

If episodes of Cesar Milan aren’t enough to lead into a better relationship with our pooches, then maybe the web can…(maybe).

Type a word into the handy canine translator to see what your pooch is trying to tell you.

No go on, get your talk on. Woof!!!
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There are some good cat stories here too.

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TNOH goes Newbie

So as the “conchibbutor”…I think I have the right to take certain liberties and perhaps some missteps. Trying to get on the ball here and make the head honcho at The Nerd of Her! proud of me. (cue the “Awwww!”)

I am thinking that my first little post on here is my attendance to Hug-a-Geek day!


Someone found me “geek-lovin” enough to warrant an invite to this “worldwide” virtual event.

I am honored!

I have no idea where the hosts ‘Winter-een-mas’ would think of inviting lil’ ol’ me.

Do they know of my love for Star Wars?

Do they know that I have collection of coin banks?

Do they know that I over-quote Friends episodes?

Do they know that my favorite dance move is “The Running Man?”

..or maybe they have seen this:

School girl

I am giving my arms the ole stretchy, stretch…dusting off my geek-o-dex…giving my ballpoint pens a good shining…ironing my pleated skirt–and I will be off hugging all the geeks I can get my hands on.

So on February 20th: set your Tivos to your favorite shows, put your laptops aside, leave those chat rooms, put down your Dungeons & Dragons swords and don’t make any dates (oh, wait…you’re a geek so you don’t any have dates hehe)…you will be too busy getting hugged by me!



Chibbigirl (the newest Conchibbutor to The Nerd of Her!)

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McGuyver’s Moleskine

Ladies and gentlemen (lovers of Moleskines), I give you the GeekSkine.


It’s actually called “The Geekster Moleskine” and it’s actually not mine to give.

This marvel of style, geek chic-i-ness and awe is the brain baby of Sebastian Delmont of ZonaGeek.

I know what you’re thinking.

Well maybe, but you have to go HERE to find out how.


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