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It’s Boten frickin’ time!

Weeks ago if you had simply sent me an email with the subject: BassHunter

I would have probably first thought of this:


I’d be really stoked about it too, because if there ever were an activity in video game form I loved more is that of fishing up some sweet bass. Yeah, that’s how cool I am.

If I paid even little attention to the content followed by the subject of said hypothetical e-mail, and then ran across words like: “Music,” or “sounds like…”

My brain would have probably conjured up something that looked more like this:


(It has to be Sting too, because 1) I couldn’t find a picture of Ted Nudgent holding a Bass. and 2) Yes, Ted hunts, but his ax of choice is for Cat Scratchin’ Fever)

Okay, enough don’t make fun of my illiteracy or mispronunciations…if anything it’s just more proof of my ungeek/un nerdliness.
Cool and popular people make up all kinds of words all the time.

Imagination is all part of the cool artistic mind, so yeah, these are the things I’d have to imagine because the concept of a Scandinavian cyber-geek composing a song about meeting a girl on the internet is beyond my realm of comprehension.

The idea of chat rooms, robots, Swedish music (outselling the likes of Abba) is absolutely foreign to me.

I’ve never lost an hour or so on, I mean I’ve never even heard of Ventrilo…pfft whatever it is.


I’m saving us all the trouble of going to that level of thinking by posting the BassHunter videos.

I have to, because you like me probably have no clue about these kinds of things either, right?


Defence of the Ancients, er what?

DotA? :

Yep, I’m so cool it took us this long to post about a song that made the Eurodance charts in 2006. We’re not a blog preoccupied with the times. 😉

Well I got cool stuff to get to.




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Putting the ODD in Odyssey


If a blog hasn’t posted, is it still a blog?

If a blog hasn’t been read, is it still worth reading?

If a blog has a blogger who has a few moments to kill, then this is what probably what did it in.

Our friend and fellow Nerd’s blog seems to have taken a trip to 2001, feel free to read it while we get our monkeys outta the barrel.


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“Mindless, inane live-action cartoons with more explosions than brain cells,” those are pretty much the scope of words that come out of people’s minds when they talk about Michael Bay films.

Somehow, I think the new word will be “AWESOME.”

Have an AWESOME weekend.

Exploding myself outta here,
() ()

[awesomeness via Vulture]


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Pen Envy

Some of you may or may not know, but editing and maintaining a blog is hard work.

Ironing it out

Minutes of thinking, scribbling, collecting and so on are needed to keep the hungry beast that is WordPress fed.

You kind of have to do this thankless job with gusto and shamelessness too because the blog doesn’t and will not love you. The blog’s belly doesn’t take into consideration your time, your energy or other extracurricular activities. It just wants more, and more and more.


I tip my hat to all the bloggers out there, who feed the blog and never quit. The bloggers that roll up their sleeves and type into the wee hours in order to get the scoop before anyone else does (which is actually impossible). The blogger than thinks his meme will be the next BIG thing.

Yes, these are the sad bastards, er I mean great people that make your next episode of “Best Week Ever” before it’s even a day old.


Some of these are people who (if they aren’t already making a nice living out of it, or getting dates, publishing deals, or whatever else people use the blogs to get now) don’t mind using up their time (when it could have been used somewhere else), their energy (probably could’ve been spent on those abs they dream, but blog about instead) and a strong will (specifically in mind/concentration).

It’s too easy NOT to blog, so it’d be even easier not to edit one.

Then there’s all kinds of things that a person could be doing instead of blogging. I think we’ve read these kinds of posts already right?

Believe it or not, but after looking over these things, I’m left questioning my own will.


It doesn’t happen all the time, but there are weak moments. They can catch me by surprise, they’ll show up between polo matches, interrupt discussions about Wittgenstein over games of backgammon, sometimes they fill in the voids between my days helping orphans, but worst of all, sometimes they come between me and hilarious commercials.

There not the kind of thoughts I want to have, they are certainly not the kind of ideas you want your editor to harbor, but there I am wondering:

Maybe I shouldn’t be a blogger/and blog editor. DUN DUN DUN!!!

Maybe I’m not doing enough of my part…

But that part–is it something that I can just change? Is it something beyond my means?


Apparently it is out of my hands…specifically when it’s been put into the hands of Internet scientists and physicians.

You may want to sit down for what I’m going to tell you next.

I’ve been (as have the staff of The NERD of HER!) diagnosed with a serious condition called RMS.

I’d tell you about it, but there is a really shiny thing flashing around just feet from here.

Yeah, I’m gonna go check that out. You can check this out and hit me back.

I don’t know if there is a Mac version yet either…oh pen envy.

[link via Milk & Cookies]

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‘Ello Kittehs

Hello Friends and Mom (All three of you that read this blog).

You’re probably wondering, hey where’s the posts? Where is my “HUMP DAY” stuff?

For a while now(We’re looking at you NEW reader), we here at The NERD of HER! headquarters have been giving you an array of YouTube videos on Wednesdays…as a sort of way to get through the hump, that is humpday.

These videos usually follow a theme we’ve put together after many an hour of brain and server racking (riiiighhht).

So far, many of you have enjoyed these videos and have been kind enough to share them with the ones you love, or at the very least want to embarrasses.

Today, as a change of pace (and likely as a way of dodging REAL work), we decided to leave the video ideas to a certain gray tabby cat.

He didn’t feel like posing for a photo, but the tabby’s name is Avner and he’s good friends with le bunny.

Getting Avner to help out with today’s blog post was quite a feat. For as you know, the schedule of a cat is a the jumble of 9 lives in speeds and maneuvers that would put scenes in the Matrix to shame.

Amid a busy schedule of harassing his sister, attacking the television, acting oblivious to humans, accumulating 18 hours of sleep, and consuming kibble in amounts exceeding his own body mass, Avner was able to hunt up some good videos. He did it all with a smile (not very different from that of a Cheshire), and we think the videos he selected might get you grinning too.

So gather you and your furry ones around the computer.

Today’s theme’s Cat’s that talk!

Say Hello to the ‘Ello Kitty!

le bunny avatar: I could listen to this kitteh all day.

Avner Avatar: You have and you will.

le bunny avatar: He’s soooo cute.

Avner Avatar: It’s the British accent. Everyone is a sucker for it.

The Conversation:

le bunny avatar: Awww, I’ve blogged about them before I think. Or emailed anyway.

Avner Avatar: I know. And you should blog again, these are some sassy ladies.

le bunny avatar: Ohh.

Avner Avatar: They’re like your giant shaved cat version of “The View,” but in less annoying. I was going to be on their show actually, but I had to take a nap.

The Coolest cat ever:

le bunny avatar: Hey who’s this?

Avner Avatar: I dunno, but that’s a handsome cat.

le bunny avatar: Handsome and familar…

Avner Avatar: (whistling)

Annoying Winston

le bunny avatar: I wonder what’s bothering poor Winston.

Avner Avatar: Well, his head looks like a hamburger for one.

le bunny avatar: I can haz cheeseburger?

I can haz

Avner Avatar: I knew you were going to say that.

le bunny avatar: I had to!

Avner Avatar: Why isn’t anyone giving him a tissue?

le bunny avatar: Awww, I love Winston.

Avner Avatar: (Silence) Followed by the sounds of Le Bunny’s belongings being destroyed.


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If the internet threw a party and you didn’t go, would your IP still make a sound?

The answer to that and other plaguing questions will not be answered in the following video:

Speaking of questions, I wonder if the DJ was Last.Fm or Pandora?

And nobody invited the bad boys/rebels of the web– Bit Torrents? I’m pretty sure Make or some other Hack type site could’ve also participated somehow (even if it meant making a Cake with a file in it out of used LED lights and rubber bands–to help the Torrents outta jail right?).

Unless these places didn’t go as some kind of protest…

LOL cat at sucky party

I wouldn’t want to be at a party that didn’t have LOL Cats.

() ()


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