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We weren’t always adopted.

Ruff words


So you fancy yourself quite the smooth talker aye? A polyglot you say? A master of romance languages even?

Maybe you’re just the great communicator. To you, I say, “good boy/girl.”

Hey, having an understanding of everything around us is a great quality to own, and deserves reward,but some of us aren’t quite there yet.

Sadly, some of us can’t even get in a wordinedgewise with the ones nearest and dearest to us…

We find ourselves perhaps giving unwanted belly rubs or Milkbones, sometimes we even find our trashcans tipped over, perhaps as a sign of rebellion or because we left some half eaten sandwiches in there.


Well dogs aren’t the only ones left scratching themselves…I think it’s fair to say we’ve often wondered what our furry friends have to say.

There’s a communication breakdown going around…the mange of our otherwise happy tail wagging existence.

If episodes of Cesar Milan aren’t enough to lead into a better relationship with our pooches, then maybe the web can…(maybe).

Type a word into the handy canine translator to see what your pooch is trying to tell you.

No go on, get your talk on. Woof!!!
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