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David Lee Roth Runs w/out the Devils

Eddie and Dave

Sometimes I wonder why Van Halen and David Lee Roth fight and hate on each other so much (They reunited and toured all summer and are supposedly kicking off another leg this year)… They’re might be news of them doing stuff, but I’m sure none of it is without drama…

Why the drama/battle guys? Why?

And then I remember, Oh Yeah cause you guys are f***ing nuts!

I don’t have the time to cover every detail and argument about their Insanity/ego/CRAZY that makes Van Halen.

We all know it’s magnitude is the kind of stuff that would even make (the late and great) Rick James take a slight step back.

Rick James

The drugs, the egos, the violence;Van Halen is the band embodiment of every relationship don’t as professed by Dr. Phil, Oprah and Cosmo issue combined.  I’d go as far as saying, that it is probably the unhealthiest rock relationships of this century (Britney doesn’t even come close).

You’re reading this and thinking, “Oh Nerdo, they did go their own way. They went on to have successful musical careers without each other.”

Van Halen had a number of singers and Diamond Dave managed to shine on in his own way too.

Diamond Dave Crowd

But what if things hadn’t gone that way? What if Dave had decided to completely remove himself from Van Halen?

Isolate his vocal talents?

What would life be like were there no “BROWN SOUND”?

Have you ever wondered what the Roth Sound is?

Is that an even scarier thought?

To really have a grasp on this thought, we’re going to have to listen to Van Halen and Dave (Mano a Mano).

Like true scientist, we’ll use the powers of YouTube uploaded videos.  First, the band in it’s entirety and then The Roth on his own.

Van Halen’s “Running with the Devil”

Take a moment.  Let the Rock wash over.


And now Mr. David Lee Roth without accompaniment.

He stands before you, completely isolated, nude even (sound wise) with only his madness and extra tight spandex to support and comfort him.

David Lee Roth (Isolated Vocals)

You may have to listen again.  Make sure to pay extra close attention to section that starts at 01:26-01:33. It’s ASTOUNDING. Not only because of the amount of words(speed and made up Roth language) he’s saying, but it even sounds like he’s got several pitches going on simultaneously.

Yep, David Lee Roth is the devil.

There are probably whales and monks somewhere totally freaking out.

I don’t know about you, but i was WOWed. Uh huh.

And yeah it’s okay to laugh too. I did, after I fell out of my chair anyway.

Now, discuss.

[Via Gorillamask]

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