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Sweeter and Sweater

Today is indeed the first day of spring, but that doesn’t mean your sweater should become undone.

If anything, let’s pull at the heartstrings and maybe even zip up.

“(Pittsburgh) – In honor of what would have been Mister Rogers’ 80th birthday on March 20, Mr. McFeely — aka David Newell, the public relations director for Family Communications, Inc. (the nonprofit company founded in 1971 by Fred Rogers) — has a special request.”

Happy Birthday Mr. Rogers, we miss you.

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McGuyver’s Moleskine

Ladies and gentlemen (lovers of Moleskines), I give you the GeekSkine.


It’s actually called “The Geekster Moleskine” and it’s actually not mine to give.

This marvel of style, geek chic-i-ness and awe is the brain baby of Sebastian Delmont of ZonaGeek.

I know what you’re thinking.

Well maybe, but you have to go HERE to find out how.


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