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moar funny pictures
Now what’s this all about?

According to Wikipedia:

A nerd girl is likely to have one or more of the following events occur to her:

  • Rejected by more “popular” peers
  • Attracted to someone who can’t see past her nerdishness at first
  • Has “makeover” which renders her conventionally attractive
  • Comes up with the piece of knowledge which enables the plot to be resolved
  • Rants at clueless male character(s)
  • Makes the male characters talk and listen to each other/her

Is The NERD of HER! about any of this?

Uh, perhaps, and maybe not completely.

It is a work in progress and we’re working on it.

If you’ve enjoyed our posts so far(or not) feel free to tell us. We like comments and feedback is always helpful.

If you’d like to add us to your links (blogroll), go for it, we’d love it (we’ll probably add you right back too–aren’t we nice?!)

Until then, cheers.

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