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The four letter word.

I Hope it’s a Loooong Weekend.

Hearts of luv

And I say so with only hope and glee. I really want this fun fun fun fun weekend. 🙂

While I run off to grab a scarf and sneakers, I want you to Google any of the following things:

“Vampire Weekend,” “A Punk” Vampire Weekend, “A-Punk,” Hammer & Tongs,” “spunky, “pogo-inducing”,”new mtv thing” etc etc…

What did I tell ya? Eh eh eh?

Yep, all kinds of reviews and info regarding my latest of crushes.

Even if you don’t go the Google route and rely on your news/music source, it wouldn’t surprise me if these boys already made your list.

Be it via your favorite music blog, favorite “it” blog, be they the “hipster,” be they “The fan” (who knew them before they made whatever press thing they’re making).

They’re making the rounds. Uh huh, yeah.

You might’ve even caught a spot on that channel everyone says they hate, yet never make the effort to remove from their cable subscription.

That’s why I’m not going there (spew the info and reviews etc).

I’m just gonna post their youtube vid and then patiently(anxiously) wait for the cd (and maybe even posters to print).

I’m a smitten kitten.

I might even have to change my profile song, oooh! Vampire Weekend

Long Live New Wave (it’s the nourishment of nerds)!

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