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“Mindless, inane live-action cartoons with more explosions than brain cells,” those are pretty much the scope of words that come out of people’s minds when they talk about Michael Bay films.

Somehow, I think the new word will be “AWESOME.”

Have an AWESOME weekend.

Exploding myself outta here,
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[awesomeness via Vulture]


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TGIF: Time for fun?

Thursdays used to be for NBC and Fridays were for ABC…that is if you didn’t have a life away from television.

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If the internet threw a party and you didn’t go, would your IP still make a sound?

The answer to that and other plaguing questions will not be answered in the following video:

Speaking of questions, I wonder if the DJ was Last.Fm or Pandora?

And nobody invited the bad boys/rebels of the web– Bit Torrents? I’m pretty sure Make or some other Hack type site could’ve also participated somehow (even if it meant making a Cake with a file in it out of used LED lights and rubber bands–to help the Torrents outta jail right?).

Unless these places didn’t go as some kind of protest…

LOL cat at sucky party

I wouldn’t want to be at a party that didn’t have LOL Cats.

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TGIF: Let’s Party!

Hey the weekend is just getting started, of course we’re gonna bring down the house.

“Are you ready for the best?”

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