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Hello Darth?

Hello Kitty Darth Vadar Tattoo

No, you’re not seeing stuff, it really is what you think it is.

Yep, Someone really created a tattoo that allied the forces of kitty and evil (which in some galaxies might be the same thing)onto flesh.

This image (like a good deal of Hello Kitty and Darth iconography) has been scorched onto your eyes for what may seem like a long time, but it’s also on someone’s skin FOREVER.

Inked by a tattoo artist from Youngstown, Ohio and inspired by some kind of Jedi mind trick of artist Nick Jones the tattoo is causing all kinds of commentary.

“It was bound to happen because, as regular readers well know, this is Hello Kitty Hell and that means there is no limit when it comes to Hello Kittification. It also means that common decency is suspended and the sacrilege event of mixing Hello Kitty with other pop culture icons –which should not happen in the worst of nightmares — is common place. ” —Hello Kitty Hell

We here at the nerd headquarters are almost at a lost for words. What can we say, really?

They say a  picture is worth a thousand words,  a tattoo will probably cost a few job interviews.

Darth Chokes a guy

Course it probably saves you from any possibility of being mind choked by Darth, but who knows.

A Hello Kitty that also wields the dark force and power of a Galactic Empire…scary that paw is.

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