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Unpower Hour


Slow day at the Nerd Heardquarters today. Could be the weather, could be that a certain contributer can’t decide on a profile pic (ahem chib ahem) AND is distracting the other nerds in the processes.

Could be that we’re also suffering from a little “Gossip Girl” withdrawl.

Hey what’s up with not having a new episode to air? We wait all week for that one special hour and then…nuthin’. 😦

Don’t tell me they’re growing beards too? (Hmm, yeah that’s a post in the making somehow, fear not).

Anyway, until we get things going back into order (Which will hopefully be sometime later in the day), go ahead and go about your business.

Read a few more pages off that book you’ve got there. Maybe help an elderly person with their shopping. Little Timmy still hasn’t learned how to ride his bike without the training wheels…whattaya say and help the lad out? You might even have a laugh on your way to the emergency room.

Until this, we’re declaring the next few mins as an Unpower Hour.

The post will commence after we charge our batteries.


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