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Phone-y review…but it’s real!

Hello there…TNOH Pressers and Pressees!

We, here at The Nerd of Her, are firm believers in nerdly, nay geeky femmes!

Hear the Geeky femmes rejoice around the globe!! …waiting for the cheers to simmer down…

Ok, now that I have your attention…please visit one of our very own e-buddies, CaffeineJunky and her take on the N-82! I hope you enjoy her review as much as us here at TNOH!

Proceed with caution…she’s armed with an N-82 and a camera and she ain’t afraid of using them!

Without further adieu…I present you: N-82: A Caffeinated review! Coming to a theater near you! 🙂


Your nerdly Presser,


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Worst Spam EVER

That know shouldn\'t, but you probably will anyway...*sigh*
Yep, it’s THAT kinda email…you know shouldn’t click it, but you probably will anyway (sigh)

Actually, you should click on the “click,” because it’s a really cool short film.

If there ever were a case where art imitating life however…

There but for the grace of god…

Good weekend people.

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Tumblr wants your soul

Tumblr is a tool of the devil. It’s sole purpose it to steal your soul.

Marco Amet created an alogrithim that, and these are his words,

“actually draws a little bit of blood from your mouse finger and without the user knowing, signing a contract that basically commits your soul to the dark lord…”

And there you have it.

Tumblr, cool tool and fun microblogging site that wields evil and terrible powers.

We wouldn’t post it if it weren’t true (or at least kinda odd and funny, because oddness, nerdliness and that is funny feeling definately surpasses facts–that’s a fact!)

We practice reblogging, hello we yanked this from le bunny’s:

Tumblr: Another evil microblogging platform for babies and a-holes

Now we’re off to continue feeding the master…hope to see you there too.

Let’s follow each other, yeah?


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Live Nerd Orgy (Well, not really)

Wait a tick, what are the contributers of “The NERD of Her!” doing making a video, uh?

Oh wait, no nevermind, these characters are WAAAAAY cooler. Pfft, just look at those threads!  And that’s gotta be jello cause we rarely bring jam to parties (which would explain our sad parties).

Wow, they make a crackin’ track too!

Yeah, we might very well have our theme song/video in our hands… Hey, at the very least another power nerd in Ms. Ana Elena Pena.

Need more Ana Elena Pena? Click HERE.
Maybe you want her in your Space.

(Special thanks to madamjujujive of Everlasting Blort)

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Everything’s Better with Chimps!

As the old saying goes, There’s no business, like monkey business.

The force is strong, and chimps are five times stronger than a healthy full grown man.

They even make Arby’s er, I mean The River Dance cool :

They will PWN us.

Chimps rule!!!

If you’d like to keep Chimps and other wonderful animals ruling and being cooler than cool, why not contribute to a helpful organzation like WSPA

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Are You Smarter Than A Monkey?

Are You Smarter Than A Monkey?

Think you’ve got the chops to beat a chimp?

Okay, maybe not physically (monkeys are terribly strong and will tear you a new one), but you could certainly beat it at some school like subjects, right?

If you’re really up for it, why not do so with The Famous Monkey Challenge Trivia Quiz.

The quiz has four parts: Geography, History, Science and Technology, and Random Trivia. Each part of the quiz has 15 questions.

You will see the monkey’s answer before you answer, but PLEASE don’t cheat!

After each part, your score will be compared with that of the King Kong’s little cousin. If you really have evolved you’ll come out swinging.

If not, ehh you might want to make like a banana and split!

Good luck and good quizzing!

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Living the dream

Sometimes life really bogs you down, you sit there thinking to yourself about how there’s nothing you can do. You think you’re licked.

Cat’s don’t do that, if anything they do the licking. Litter-ally!

They grab their 9 lives and punch them in the mouth.


Because they know how to live the dream.

These following videos are testament to those dreams and to life being lived like a room hopped up on catnip.

See it and achieve it.

The speed of light. We’re not supposed to compete with it right? This kitteh begs to differ

Walls. Barriers. Plastic lids. Pfft. Nothing should stop you from trying. Nothing.

You can’t be chicken. But chicken can be dinner.

If you don’t like something. You should let it be known. So what if you don’t get invited to parties later.

The best copilots in life have 9 lives.

We hope these videos inspire you as much as they have us.

Happy Caturday.

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