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I Like Soup

The following is a conversation I’d have with a friend, if I had a friend.
As things are, and have been so for a while, the conversation happened in my head.  You can’t get inside my head, but you can get in this blog.  Therefor the conversation has been typed in here for your reading approve or disapproval.
It’s almost as surreal as the subject itself.

(If it helps any, the voices never tell me to do terrible things, they only tell me what to put in the blog sometimes…sometimes.)

2nd Voice: Okay, lemme see if I got this straight…This is a clip, from a show made up of clips running other clip shows?

1st Voice: Oooooh, but the cool part is–Joel Mchale and Simon Pegg are HILARIOUS.  Even made Olbermann kinda funny.

2nd Voice:  Hmm…

1st Voice:  Quiet possibly the strangest and AWESOMEST thing you will ever see.

2nd Voice:  Oh?

1st Voice:  Will you watch it already?!

Here’s the clip:

Steroids! 🙂

() ()

More of the show HERE.

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Picker pick her

It’s not polite to pick,  but if Seinfield taught us anything, sometimes it’s just a scratch (sometimes it can’t be helped).

If we were going to pick at something it should very well be be brains.  Ewww.

Yeah we picked at some bunny’s brain and THIS is what came out.

[Picking my brain in public]

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Live Nerd Orgy (Well, not really)

Wait a tick, what are the contributers of “The NERD of Her!” doing making a video, uh?

Oh wait, no nevermind, these characters are WAAAAAY cooler. Pfft, just look at those threads!  And that’s gotta be jello cause we rarely bring jam to parties (which would explain our sad parties).

Wow, they make a crackin’ track too!

Yeah, we might very well have our theme song/video in our hands… Hey, at the very least another power nerd in Ms. Ana Elena Pena.

Need more Ana Elena Pena? Click HERE.
Maybe you want her in your Space.

(Special thanks to madamjujujive of Everlasting Blort)

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There’s a new NERD in town!

We’ve been busy, we’ve been away, we’ve not been blogging yes…BUT we’ve also got a new NERD on board.

That’s better than regular postings isn’t it? 🙂

Who’s the new and awesome nerd?

You can call her Mouse, you can call her L, you can call her HERE, just don’t call her late for supper.

We’re introducing a new segment in the blog. We don’t have a name for it yet, but let’s just say it’s in the real of Graduate Life.

She’ll be our eyes and ears on the playground, in the school halls, the nose between a book, she’ll worry about school loans so we won’t have to. Yeah…

If you’ve been grumpy about not hearing/reading more from us…well awww, grump on, but know we’re working on it.

More posts from your other fave or non fave nerds will be up soon.

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Our Ears Are Burning!

Redder and nerdlier than usual; the ears of The NERD of Her! staff were been burning all night…firemen were just about to be called to the scene when we then caught a glimpse of this:

ChibbiKu about Nerd Blog (Click for detail)
This is a screencap off of our very own Executive Conchibbutor’s Jaiku page.

Just in time too considering we almost threw out a good pair of Tabasco flavored earmuffs. Oy vey!

Now that we know our ears are going to be alright, we’re gonna really need to fire up the presses.  All this added attention…eep.

As the editor here, I guess I should hone those editing skills, huh?  D’oh!

First order of business? Setting some stuff straight here:

Editing Chibbi, kinda.

Alright, I’ve done my part.

Chibbi, I’m expecting a good number of Conchibutions on my desk ASAP!

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