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Think you can dewey?

Have you a real love of books and learning?
(You do? That’s wonderful)

Do you like people and do people like you?
(Wait, don’t answer that just yet.)

“Bringing books and people together.”

That’s really it isn’t it? Books and people…and sometimes wild animals.

Yes, the life of a librarian is unending and fabulous series of glamor, adventure and delicious Dewey Decimal digitness.

Thanks to advances in web games, now you too can try (emphasis on TRY) to play public servant.

“Bringing dull and nerdliness together.”

If you have the time and brain power, and a knack at saying, “shhh,” direct yourself HERE now (Sure, there’s no late fees or microfiche files, but it’s a start).

According to Holbrook Jackson, “Your library is your Portrait,” but we’d be pretty stoked just seeing your score (take a screencap and share).

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