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Happy Birthday!

Time sure goes by fast when you’re living Chibbi.

Even then, the kid new how to swing.
Even then, the kid new how to swing.

Wow, it feels like it was only a few short hours ago that this little piñata hitting youngster was sending me some text messages….wait, she was!

I hope you’re all flooding her technology right now too–and if you haven’t get to it now–it’s the Chibbi’s BIRTHDAY!

Do like the piñata photo tells ya:  Hit up her phone, hit up her blog, hit up her flickr, hit up her space (yeah Myspace ),hit up her face (That’s Facebook dummies), hit up her Jaiku, twitter, Brightkite, Plurk…eh whateveer other place you know she’s into and she’s in lots.

Not only does that mean, that we’re blessed with another year of knowing the kid, maybe partaking in some of her cake, and festivities, but it also means the kickoff of Chibbimonth.

A month long of cheer, a month of happy spirits and a month of just good times and adventure.

Chibbi, here’s hoping your socks are always merry, that your step is always way ahead of the crowd and that you keep on being that awesome kid you always are.

Happy Birthday.  Keep on swinging kiddo.

Hugs and besos,

Your friends and Nerds at The NERD of Her!

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Packing up my bags…

Less than 2 weeks into my co-authoring job here at The Nerd of Her facilities and I am already taking a week-long vacation! WOO! (Does a silly dance.)

The Boss has agreed to the time off.  I am still waiting for my first paycheck to clear.  Correlation? AHEM!


As I enjoy my time off at some beach or whatever Manila has to offer, I am more than sure that The Nerd of Her presses will be churning out some great reading material for you to scour.

Crikey..I am thinking will the Chibbi even missed?

Don’t hesitate! Don’t run off to shed a tear or two! I will be back!

So I dare say: Ciao! Adios! Check you later! I’m outie! Peace!


Chibbigirl (You may follow my travels here—->CHIBBIKU)

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TNOH goes Newbie

So as the “conchibbutor”…I think I have the right to take certain liberties and perhaps some missteps. Trying to get on the ball here and make the head honcho at The Nerd of Her! proud of me. (cue the “Awwww!”)

I am thinking that my first little post on here is my attendance to Hug-a-Geek day!


Someone found me “geek-lovin” enough to warrant an invite to this “worldwide” virtual event.

I am honored!

I have no idea where the hosts ‘Winter-een-mas’ would think of inviting lil’ ol’ me.

Do they know of my love for Star Wars?

Do they know that I have collection of coin banks?

Do they know that I over-quote Friends episodes?

Do they know that my favorite dance move is “The Running Man?”

..or maybe they have seen this:

School girl

I am giving my arms the ole stretchy, stretch…dusting off my geek-o-dex…giving my ballpoint pens a good shining…ironing my pleated skirt–and I will be off hugging all the geeks I can get my hands on.

So on February 20th: set your Tivos to your favorite shows, put your laptops aside, leave those chat rooms, put down your Dungeons & Dragons swords and don’t make any dates (oh, wait…you’re a geek so you don’t any have dates hehe)…you will be too busy getting hugged by me!



Chibbigirl (the newest Conchibbutor to The Nerd of Her!)

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Our Ears Are Burning!

Redder and nerdlier than usual; the ears of The NERD of Her! staff were been burning all night…firemen were just about to be called to the scene when we then caught a glimpse of this:

ChibbiKu about Nerd Blog (Click for detail)
This is a screencap off of our very own Executive Conchibbutor’s Jaiku page.

Just in time too considering we almost threw out a good pair of Tabasco flavored earmuffs. Oy vey!

Now that we know our ears are going to be alright, we’re gonna really need to fire up the presses.  All this added attention…eep.

As the editor here, I guess I should hone those editing skills, huh?  D’oh!

First order of business? Setting some stuff straight here:

Editing Chibbi, kinda.

Alright, I’ve done my part.

Chibbi, I’m expecting a good number of Conchibutions on my desk ASAP!

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