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Open Your Heart (Ears and blogs)

His and Her Headphones

Ever get the feeling that you’re being watched, or that someone is listening to everything you say?

Us neither, at least we didn’t think any of that was going on down here at The NERD Of Her!, so naturally we were surprised when we heard about this…

[Start of Conversation]

le amigo: Hey, what’s up?

le bunny: Nothing much. Mostly down actually.

le amigo: Oh what’s wrong?

le bunny: Originally I was down about getting splogged.

le amigo: That isn’t code for something medical is it?

le bunny: 🙂 It does make for a good adjective doesn’t it?

le amigo: I’d call Maury Povitch about it in a heartbeat.

le bunny: Go to the google or the wikipedia.

le amigo: Done and lame.

le bunny: Yeah, but such is the life and risks one begs for in this crazy crazy blog world (cue in the Cat Stevens).

Cat Stevens

le amigo: He goes by Yusef now.

le bunny: I know, but if I write that, my blog wont be able to board planes.

le amigo: Oh you’re going to blog or rather feed the splog this conversation?

le bunny: If I don’t, who will ______, WHO WILL?

le amigo: So I shouldn’t mention anything about my taxes or personal state of affairs?

le bunny: That would be quite wise.

le amigo: (silence)

le bunny: (more silence)

le amigo: So…what are you wearing?

le bunny: I thought you’d never ask!

le amigo: That’s how much you know.

Einstein tongue

le bunny: You know what else YOU don’t know?

le amigo: Enlighten me.

le bunny: I still play the song association game.

le amigo: Gah, who doesn’t?

le bunny: Want to see what I came up with today?

le amigo: You’re going to tell me anyway, right?

le bunny: I told you I saw “Control” a few days ago right?

le amigo: No, but I will pretend you did. How was it?

le bunny: I liked it, you should watch it.

le amigo: O.K.

le bunny: I dug up some of my Joy Division CDs.

le amigo: It’s not digging, if your CDs are in alphabetical order (and YOURS ARE).

Lp Kid Rocks

le bunny: Well, for some reason, aside from being in a very Joy Division mood, I’ve been listening to The Honeydrips. Well, the stuff that’s posted free on the site anyway.

le amigo: Never heard of them.

le bunny: Well you are now, cause I’m telling you.

le amigo: Let me get my headphones, BRB.

le bunny: I think other websites have covered them too, but whateves…

le amigo: Okay I’m ready for the listenings.

le bunny: Now, The Honeydrips do not sound anything like Joy Division, but I bring them up because the song that’s got my toe a tapping is called “(Lack of)Love Will Tear Us Apart”

le amigo: Ahhh.

le bunny: I can’t decide what it is about the song I like best. The obvious odes to Joy, or the simplicity of the lyrics and vocals which remind me of a young “True Blue” Madonna (“Open Your Heart”).

le amigo: Gimme gimme.

le bunny: You can have a look and listen HERE.

Honeydrips (Lack of)Love Will Tear Us Apart (featuring Hanna)

le bunny: For whatever reason though, my heart starts to hurt a little and I wanna go awww. Cause it also reminds me a little of “leela’s Homeworld” episode. Doesn’t it sound like the song in it?

Pizzicato Fiv “Baby Love Child”

le amigo: The beat, definitely. The style too, very uh…

le bunny: I couldn’t just leave it there. My game can go on for a while. Just then I remembered this little gem, by a group I was very much into when I was a kiddo (oooh the 90s).

Soho’s “Hippy Chick”

le amigo: Wow!

le bunny: Best use of a Smith’s sample right?

le amigo: And how! Not to mention where this could take your game?

le bunny: Connecting the Smiths and Joy Division?

le amigo: Oohh

le bunny: Ian Curtis did what Morrissey only sang about.

le amigo: Whoa…

le bunny: Definitely another post (Hey I’m a Smiths/Morrissey fan always).

le amigo: Mexican.

[End of conversation]

You have just spied voyueristically participated in on a personal private conversation about blog life, pop culture and an unending game of “Doesn’t this song remind you of this one?”

If you enjoyed this type of post, please let us know and make sure to stay tuned for the next (That is, IF you liked it).

Please enjoy the music that started it all too. Here you go:

Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Madonna “Open Your Heart”

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Is it only the name of a great grundge band, or is it the feeling I left with after watching last night’s episode of The Simpsons?

I was entertained, but mostly left with an uneasy almost depressed/crushed feeling.

Sure, Homer never looked cooler and hell, his band was pure GEEENUIS, but if this new storyline is really true (to the time it’s being set in), then does that mean “Hullabalooza” never happened?

Please say that isn’t so. 😦

Why didn’t they just make this episode one of those Tree House of Horror kind? I mean, at least that would’ve helped…hell they could’ve even said it had something to do with Bart going back in time in a DeLorean, anything…I dunno.

I’m bothered by the idea of Homer and Marge living it up minus the kids during the mid 90s when it’s clear that everyone was supposedly doing “The Bartman”

Homer asks Marge out to Prom (1974?)

Homer and Marge in High School

Homer and the Be-Sharps album (1985 ):-/

Homer w/baby on board

And those are just some of the memories this latest episode is ruining for me. 😦

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