Poppin’ Mobiles


Well science and all that is holy has something else to deal with now.

Put a couple of mobile phones together, throw in some kernals, make a call and presto–Poppin’ Fresh!

I guess the ghost of Orville Redenbacker lives inside your cell phone. Every call you make is sending his powers from the grave.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s the Japanese YouTube Proof:

I really hope this is fake because not only did I harvest my brain from a field, but I don’t want to make the microwave jealous.

I really ought to only have one device give me the worst possible case of cancer AT A TIME. And the cancers are already assigned to places.

The micro gives it to my food, thus sending it to my guts, and my phone handles the head region.

This new viral campaign or possible health concern the FDA really needs to look into is messing up the entire scope of things.

Anyway there are 3 more vids of it to either show the global impact it is having OR to scare up more viralness…

Le French have huge popcorn:

[Via Greg Goodwin]

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  1. Thanks for the pingback, and great find on the other videos!

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