How & Where Not To Do The Fishstick

People read and follow Emily Post for a reason. People wear jackets to some resturants, and you even need a license to own certain objects du war.

Basically, for everything and we do mean EVERYTHING, there is a place and a time, and sometimes even a “dance craze.”

The how and the where…again, more things to consider.

Thanks to flickr and the magic that is the internets, we can watch lonelysandwich shows us “How and where not to do The Fishstick”.

Click the beard and watch the mayhem.

For good measure, there's some Tighten Up and even some Boogie Oogie in there, too.

According to the fine podcast You Look Nice Today, the fish stick is “The latest dance craze that is sweeping the nation.”

Now aren’t you glad you read us today…you’re welcome. 🙂

(Actual thanks to Merlin Mann)

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