Living the dream

Sometimes life really bogs you down, you sit there thinking to yourself about how there’s nothing you can do. You think you’re licked.

Cat’s don’t do that, if anything they do the licking. Litter-ally!

They grab their 9 lives and punch them in the mouth.


Because they know how to live the dream.

These following videos are testament to those dreams and to life being lived like a room hopped up on catnip.

See it and achieve it.

The speed of light. We’re not supposed to compete with it right? This kitteh begs to differ

Walls. Barriers. Plastic lids. Pfft. Nothing should stop you from trying. Nothing.

You can’t be chicken. But chicken can be dinner.

If you don’t like something. You should let it be known. So what if you don’t get invited to parties later.

The best copilots in life have 9 lives.

We hope these videos inspire you as much as they have us.

Happy Caturday.

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