The Facts of life will mess you up (part 1)

This is no chemical romance...or is it?

Not everyone has been blessed enough to have been created and birthed in a lab, or bought off a catalog by a wealthy celebrity.

Sure, those folks might (years later) complain and write in odd blogs, but they really are blessed.

Blessed, because there’s science and magazines to explain things.

I know most of us (at least the decent and normal), can’t even imagine our parents sharing a plate of fried chicken, let alone…

Eh, I think I’ll just let the following video tell you where I’m going with this post…It will definitely say more than I’d dare think (or for sheer genius never dared ask–Why would i question my dear ol Bunsen Burner?).

Be warned it is NSFW. And should your parents (or creation) be anything like this, YOU WILL BE MESSED UP.

*Warning: This video might not be suitable for some audiences, specifically audiences who are horrified by copious amounts of scantily clad grinding and baby making. Consider yourself warned.**NSFW*  And you\'ll thank god your parents are dweebs.

There’s more to this post, but I’m going to need some time in my safe place.

To Be Continued…

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