Putting the S-M-S in roManSeS?

Okay maybe the title to the post was lame, but we did blog about SMS/Texts…we just kind of did it in the way the title looks


Putting things in the wrong place–well, we put our posts in someone’s else’s BLOG!


Hey, we at The NERD of Her! sometimes need a little change of scenery, er um…the Chibbi was uh proposing a new weekly guest blogger (?)… Mostly, new blogs new places….cause uh, we’re adventurous like that…and well….

Okay, we were probably also a little confused because we’ve been really out of the blogging/posting loop.

We’re sorry.

Anyhow, before you start asking what our issues have been…have you asked yourself some questions?

Read our guest post/enlightening article HERE.

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One response to “Putting the S-M-S in roManSeS?

  1. umm, do you know of any SMS related vd’s? lol

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