There’s a new NERD in town!

We’ve been busy, we’ve been away, we’ve not been blogging yes…BUT we’ve also got a new NERD on board.

That’s better than regular postings isn’t it? 🙂

Who’s the new and awesome nerd?

You can call her Mouse, you can call her L, you can call her HERE, just don’t call her late for supper.

We’re introducing a new segment in the blog. We don’t have a name for it yet, but let’s just say it’s in the real of Graduate Life.

She’ll be our eyes and ears on the playground, in the school halls, the nose between a book, she’ll worry about school loans so we won’t have to. Yeah…

If you’ve been grumpy about not hearing/reading more from us…well awww, grump on, but know we’re working on it.

More posts from your other fave or non fave nerds will be up soon.

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One response to “There’s a new NERD in town!

  1. Update.
    Zemouse has her very own blog now too. You can hit it up by going

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