Then & Now

Foto for YoungMe NowME site

Photo of Souzaqueen borrowed from

Hey do you like looking at photos of random strangers on the internet?

Do you like to look at photos of random strangers when they were children, or younger and then compare them to the current photos in EXACT poses of the youth photos?


Oh you do?

Do you think you’d like to be one of them random people and try the photographic experiment/experience for yourself?

Then look no further and look on to YoungMe-NowMe.

Youngme – Nowme is an interesting project by Zefrank (pictured above) where people can submit two photos (hey that’s what I said earlier, right?). One photo is of when they were little and the other as a “grownup,” recreating the pose of the ‘younger’ picture.

Yeah it’s not “Hot or Not”, and it probably wont make you famous…but the kid you would try it.

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