The games we played (well I did anyway)

If you’re not careful, video games like old (or former) friends can turn into permanent dents in your soul and pocketbook.

How so?

Well, (taking a deep breath) both required time and energy (sometimes both in high doses), both brought you joy or humiliation (unless you got the higher score), both caused strain to your eyes(oh those colors, those fashions), both left you with hideous calluses (either on fingers,your mind and or heart, or all at once–competitiveness is never pretty), all of which had a knack for showing up when you least expect them to (such is fancy of favors or bail money).

Roll that all up and hit the save button and PRESTO, it’s you…Okay, well a kind of extent in the making of the very person you are today.

Hey people have been blaming video games for a while now, right?

What brought all this on?

Well, just this morning, a breeze swept into my senses in a a kind of Proustian Rush.

It was an aroma that I can only describe as a mix of new plastics, Fruity Pebbles and Johnson & Johnson’s No More Tangles spray. Well, I hope it was a kind of freak breeze caused by pollution and not a symptom of a stroke.

It was the scent of my youth, the sent of Nintendo Power/Prowess? Rarrwrr…

I couldn’t help but breath in that moment and sigh a kind of melencholic sigh…the kind of sigh that cues harp music and a cheesy 80’s dream effect sequence.

Rather than, full on flashback scene though, where you see me as a child in dated clothes I could easily blame on Wayne’s World…the picture would be simpler.

The picture would be one where : thoughts about video games played and missed.

Games that made no sense. Games I used to freak friends out with (friends who had appreciated Monty Python and poop rain). A game like:

Sega CD’s “Panic!”

God, I loved my Sega CD. Yep I was that one kid you knew with the Sega CD and 32x attachment. My Genesis was a collection of attachments. An almost living thing that provided me with hours of fun and wonder.

In a way it was an stage in life that taught me how to “accessorize.”

Seasons changed and people began to lose touch with Sonic and decided to ignore the amazing Dreamcast for dreams of Sony.

Enter the Playstation.

Ever the rebel to whatever my peers where into, I did not fall prey to the purchase of the then new new fancy fandangled Playstation (or as the kids vaguely remember them and refer to them now as ps1). I don’t know if it was my adamant stance on Nintendo 64 being the best console (hello ZELDA Ocarina of Time!!!), or that it was an excuse to “borrow” or “hang out” with my then crush.

After all, wasn’t it mostly boy type games on the Playstation initially?

It could’ve also been that the console was beyond my budget (always the cheapskate) along with the chance to try out geek wooing phrases like, “Why don’t you bring your Playstation to my place?” or “loser pays the game rental fee.” etc…

Years later, I’d learn such tactics didn’t work so great, and decided I’d have to upgrade, bite the bullet and purchase a Ps2 (another time another story we don’t need to get into just now).

But I digress…One Playstation game, that still haunts and intrigues me

Sony Playstation’s “Incredible Crisis”

Grandma’s, Bank Robbers, UFO’s and ska music…what more could a budding adolescent want for a game? Hell, why don’t I have this game right now on the Ps3?!!

Lastly and certainly not leastly, a game that tapped right into the very things I’m still wholeheartedly STILL into.

Super Nintendo’s “Mario Paint”

Not only could I draw all kinds of doodles on the TELEVISION, animate said doodles (training for my later years of drawing with a mouse on a computer) but I could compose songs too. Every band geek’s dream really–turning popular music into Midi files that would put many cell phones of yesteryear to shame.

Because I don’t have recordings handy of the stuff I did then (probably songs off MTV’s 120 min lineup), we’ll make do with this:

Yes, those were the days my friend.

You are missed, but not forgotten…and should I ever better organized our storage room, I’ll find these relics and play once more…(god knows I wont bother with the Ebay, I still have my cheap standards to uphold).

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