Is it only the name of a great grundge band, or is it the feeling I left with after watching last night’s episode of The Simpsons?

I was entertained, but mostly left with an uneasy almost depressed/crushed feeling.

Sure, Homer never looked cooler and hell, his band was pure GEEENUIS, but if this new storyline is really true (to the time it’s being set in), then does that mean “Hullabalooza” never happened?

Please say that isn’t so. 😦

Why didn’t they just make this episode one of those Tree House of Horror kind? I mean, at least that would’ve helped…hell they could’ve even said it had something to do with Bart going back in time in a DeLorean, anything…I dunno.

I’m bothered by the idea of Homer and Marge living it up minus the kids during the mid 90s when it’s clear that everyone was supposedly doing “The Bartman”

Homer asks Marge out to Prom (1974?)

Homer and Marge in High School

Homer and the Be-Sharps album (1985 ):-/

Homer w/baby on board

And those are just some of the memories this latest episode is ruining for me. 😦

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3 responses to “Sadgasm

  1. chibbigirl

    theNerdofher: the pure knowledge that you have on the Simpsons is amazing!
    1: yes, they should have made it more of at horror epi or at least a “what if” epi. (a la Friends)
    2: i can never disagree with you–you cut my checks. still waiting on the latest one…ahem..
    3: why ruin the “timeline” that they had already established?

  2. i think what is more depressing/crushing for me is that it just goes to show how old we are. i mean they would have had to have had lisa and bart post-90’s for bart and lisa to be as young as they are 😦

  3. diabulus

    well the simpson start in 1987 and by that time bart was already ten years old

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