Our Ears Are Burning!

Redder and nerdlier than usual; the ears of The NERD of Her! staff were been burning all night…firemen were just about to be called to the scene when we then caught a glimpse of this:

ChibbiKu about Nerd Blog (Click for detail)
This is a screencap off of our very own Executive Conchibbutor’s Jaiku page.

Just in time too considering we almost threw out a good pair of Tabasco flavored earmuffs. Oy vey!

Now that we know our ears are going to be alright, we’re gonna really need to fire up the presses.  All this added attention…eep.

As the editor here, I guess I should hone those editing skills, huh?  D’oh!

First order of business? Setting some stuff straight here:

Editing Chibbi, kinda.

Alright, I’ve done my part.

Chibbi, I’m expecting a good number of Conchibutions on my desk ASAP!

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