McGuyver’s Moleskine

Ladies and gentlemen (lovers of Moleskines), I give you the GeekSkine.


It’s actually called “The Geekster Moleskine” and it’s actually not mine to give.

This marvel of style, geek chic-i-ness and awe is the brain baby of Sebastian Delmont of ZonaGeek.

I know what you’re thinking.

Well maybe, but you have to go HERE to find out how.


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3 responses to “McGuyver’s Moleskine

  1. chibbigirl

    sooo…I needs the MacBook to plug one of these babies up, huh?
    I need to send out the collection tray! 🙂

  2. Ima Nerd

    Maybe that can be one of your chibbipress post. A plea to the public, no a campaign. I’m already seeing the headlines…”Let’s Put A MacBook in the ChibbiHouse” Har har.

  3. Bueno, yo ya te di el Moleskine, jeje(<–mis jejes siempre son verdaderos) 🙂

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