Cloverfield: The great _____ hype?

Cloverfield Scene

Why the “_______” in title?

Hey, from what I’ve heard/seen(or rather NOT seen), missing pieces and nothing shown is pretty much the name of the game, yeah?

Call me what you will, but I have a feeling (A radioactive monster sized feeling), that “Cloverfield” (premiering in loads of theatres/cineplexes at midnight) is going to suck giant monster balls.

I dunno, that’s just a feeling I get from it. And no I haven’t really been snooping around the boards, or bothering people who’ve been to special screenings…Okay maybe one might’ve said something to me (so I might pick up some nausea pills first), but it was more of a heads up.

Aside from that…The “boy this movies is gonna blow” feeling came the instant I saw the trailer during summer (I think it was “Transformers”).

I looked around at the audience(it’s a little something I like to do when I’m at the movies); I like to see how people are looking when they’re looking at a movie (maybe I’m sick).

Well, I don’t have to tell you what kind of reaction the trailer got, you were there.

So, instant buzzing in chair inducement, that’s one to set off this bunny’s Spidey movie suckiness senses going. The other thing that just put it all into together, when the screen showed: J.J. Abrams.


Koko is upset

[See even Koko was dissapointed.]

But whatever, I can deal with suckiness.

Actually it’s more than fine, because on occasion I’ve enjoyed many a baaaaad movie. Bad movies are sometimes soooo bad, they’re good, right?

I’m actually kind of hoping I’m wrong about the whole thing. If in fact the movie does live up to all the hype, or at the very least give me a good time, I’ll be more than happy to kiss it’s giant shakey ________.

So there.

See ya at the cinema.

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