I’d Say Petty Catchy


GF: Oh wait, lemme show you that new Ashley Simpson Video I wanna blog about.

BF: (Lifting a doubtful brow)

GF: I know, I’m stunned too. I actually like it.

BF: Hmm…

GF: I like it cause it’s very New Wavey. Like Missing Persons and Flock of whathave you. Plus, it rips off Tom Petty’s Video for “Don’t Come Around Here No More.”

BF: Oh, she’s Alice?

GF: Yeah, and Gulliver. There’s little people tying her up. Just check it out.

BF: Okay.

It plays for 20 seconds at most. BF gets up and walks away.

GF: Come on, it’s catchy.

BF: Catchy like a bad 80s disease.

It’s time to chase that rabbit down that YouTube hole. When you find your way, give us your say?

“My principal Design was to Inform, and not to amuse thee,” –Yeah I think it was Jessica that said that 😉

What other literary tidbits do you find? Get your nerd on.

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