Brain Farts & Fajitas: It’s a new dawn.

Fajitas is kablamo!

I was talking to the bf last night and telling him about wanting to get a blog of sorts going that would perhaps catalog the likes of nerd stories. Not the nerds that we’re already very familiar with on the media, or the kind that are even considered somewhat “chic”, but the nerds we know and I suppose are.

I don’t know if I was making very much sense, actually I probably wasn’t, but my Bf was neither moved or impressed. It could have also been the hot plate of fajitas on the table too.

Bf: “What kind of nerd stories?”Me: “Well the kind we hear and know. We could even exagerate them…actually I know I will. Along with changing names and places.”Bf: “Hmm…I don’t think we have any to really…”

Me: “The stuff you tell me alone would make for some really fun posts…”Crickets chirping in the Mexican Restaurant.

Me: “Your Moonpie story is so nerd, babe.”

Bf frowns.

Anyhoodie, It’ll go a little something like that but better. It’s a new project that will either be fun, or a burden, but most things are right?

See ya and sweet drens.

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