Between Blogs

It’s not an all out battle royal, but it is a bit of a rumble.  A rumble of blogs.


Well, because this is still a very new project, I’m finding myself between ideas and specifically between blogs.

(cough cough Wordperss vs. Blogger vs. what ever I look up next)

I really like WordPress, I feel like we’re friends, but I wonder if since this being a “NEW” project and all, maybe I ought to try another blog host…yes, the key word here is MAYBE.

I suppose it wouldn’t be too terrible a thing to take advantage of all the free and possible feeds, but I dunno if I’m really that kind of girl. Anyway. When I choose my poison, I’ll die a good one.

Till then, here’s to mud in your eye.

Sweet Dren

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One response to “Between Blogs

  1. thenerdofher

    Well I think I already know who’s winning this. It wasn’t really even a contest to begin with right?


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